Monday, September 8, 2008

Mantra for Monday, Sept. 8

Breathe Carolyn.  Don't panic.  Whatever you do, do not panic.  It'll be okay.  There are other roses.  There are other wines and things to drink.  And anyways, isn't it almost the end of rose season?  You don't want to be one of "those people" do you?  One of "those people" who drink the "wrong wine" because they don't have the palate to move on to the next season's wine.  No, you're not that girl.  I know, it's just hard for you to transition out of rose season.  Ok, ok...I hear you.  You do still have a few more weeks to drink pink.  But you do have to come to terms with the fact that you just drank your last bottle of Domaine de Fontsainte rose.  It's true sweetie, it's gone.  And you won't be able to have any more until next year.  And just think,  you were able to hoarde so much of it for yourself anyways.  You probably drank more of it than anyone else in the city this summer.  That feels good, right? Plus, you knew this day would come.  You didn't even think it would last you as long as it did.  You always panic a little when you pick up highly allocated wines that are difficult for anyone to get their grubby little paws onto but you did know that whatever you had of this was going to be it,  right?  They did tell you that there was much less of it made this year.  And you did have to fight to get as much of it as you did.  Every time you put a bottle of it in the fridge you thought of exactly how much you had left, how much was hiding in your closet. Well, last night you did it.  You opened the last bottle.  You drank it by yourself while watching the first season of Mad Men, you ate beets and blue cheese...all perfect little things for this wine.  And you thought to yourself:  "if John McCain wins, I am moving to France immediately!"  Ahhh, good plan.  You are a genius, albeit a pickled one....marinated in french rose!  You know what?  You should be proud of yourself Carolyn.  You actually made it last most of rose season.  You should congratulate yourself and celebrate.  You should march out at once to the nearest wine are surrounded by them and find another rose and pour some on the floor for your homies or at least for your main homie, Domaine de Fontsainte. 

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